Monday 25 February 2013

25th February 2013

Hi All
Another good session with lots of contribution. Well done for your presentations and working within the given timescales.

See you next week



  1. Today was a good and interesting session. We carried on from our last session about what is abuse and the different forms abuse can take, such as physical, sexual, financial, institutional etc. We discussed how you would respond to an actual disclosure and a suspected disclosure. We looked at what would be an unexplained injury and where on the body these may be found. As a group we looked at and discussed what is an unsafe practice, such as staff patient ratio, the use of faulty equipment and so on. We discussed how in different abuse cases you would preserve evidence.
    As a group we worked on a presentation about local and national policies in relation to safeguarding vulnerable adults. Also we chose an abuse case, our group looked at the Kyra Ishaq case, and who we really think was responsible for the lack of safeguarding this child. Although this is a tough subject, i'am really enjoying the subject and learning new things.

  2. This week session was an interesting. We recup some information about type of abuse, then we respond to an actual disclosure and suspected acts. We looked at unsafe practice and how preserving abuse evidence.Also we did case study and answered question sheets.As a group we worked on a presentation about Local and National polices in relation to safeguarding vulnerable adults. Each group presented one story about abuse children for example Kyra Ishaq, Baby P, Victoria Climbie ect. I enjoyed this lesson was so good also i learnt new things. See you all next week.

  3. very interesting session, re different types of abuse, signs of abuse etc...we did a presentation on the baby p case. liked recapping on previous work, learnt alot of new information