Tuesday 12 March 2013

Monday 11th March

Hi Ladies
Thanks for all your hard work yesterday . Homework was to answer Q1-3 in your unit 7 workbook.
Dont forget to keep an eye out in the news about health stories.

See you next week


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  1. Today was a good day, we looked at what is a person centered approach..this being where a service user is placed at the centre of decision making when it comes to the support and services they use. In a person centred system the rights and personal choices of the individual being cared for and their families are heard and supported. We looked at and discussed the four main ethics that are followed in the social care setting, these being justice, autonomy, beneficence and non-malafience. We looked at best interest decisions that can be made on an individuals behalf when necessary in certain situations. I found this weeks work interesting.