Monday 22 October 2012

22nd October 2012

Hi Ladies

If you are stuck with your half-term homework ..I am in the office all next week, so feel free to get in touch .

Remember asking for help is a STRENGTH not a weakness!!

See you on the 5th November.



  1. In today's session, we looked at personal development plans. What needs to be included when preparing a plan, the benefits of having a plan and how others can support the individuals plan process. The new thing i learned from this was including the s.m.a.r.t method when constructing a personal development plan. This stands for: Specific,Measurable,Achievable,Realistic and Timely.
    We were given time to get into our groups to work more towards our communication and confidentiality presentations. i found this helpful as up to this point we hadn't had much opportunity to do this.
    The part of the session today i found most interesting is when we looked at diversity,equality,inclusion and discrimination. We had covered quite a lot about discrimination in our level 2, but not really touched much upon the other factors. We watched a clip about gypsy travelers and how they make themselves marginalized but also how others marginalize them. It was very interesting looking at others prospective's on this. Also inclusive and exclusive practices and how to have an active role in making all individuals inclusive.

  2. in todays session we looked at discrimanation , margilising groups (we watched a trailer on travelling communities), equlitys , diversity . all so interesting to me as i never new ther was so much to learn when working in the health sector . its all amazeing stuff eg if you dont have equlity(makeing people equal) you dont get inclusion(involveing people) . we also looked at what our strong belifes are on something mine was the british justice system . basiclly we looked at personal development plans . good lesson today .

  3. hi, This weeks session was excellent, We talked about diversity, equality, discrimination, inclusion and marginilization.
    marginilization is new to me and i found this very interesting, we also got to watch a short clip on gypsy travellers and how they are marginalized as they dont get much help and are excluded from society. Got some homeowrk on inclusion and exclusion practice. Without equality we cant have inclusion.

  4. Hi all is any one a bit mixed up on the homework? with the inclusive and exlusive?