Monday 8 October 2012

8th October 2012

Hi Ladies

Thanks for getting the homework done and handed in.

See you next week- Don't forget your handouts.



  1. hi, i realy enjoyed this weeks session, best so far. i love having indepth disscussion and today was about possitive and negitive criticisum. how to take and give criticisum.
    i learned the what is called the sandwich which is giving the strengths first the say what the criticisum is then finish with some possitive words and encouragement.
    Values, Beliefs, and Experiences was very interesting and my knowledge from level 2 helped me alot, everythng comes down to experience as you learn alot about beliefs and values from your life experiences.
    we also talked about self development which will help me to reach my own goals.
    didnt get much homework this week so im going to do work on my presentation on communication barriers.
    see you all monday.

  2. Today's session was very interesting, as we learned how to give positive criticism. We looked at the difference between positive and negative criticism and how this could effect different people in different ways. This was new to me as i had never thought about this in this way.
    We also looked at values and beliefs and how everyone as an individual has their own personal views. We looked at how experiences can effect what we believe and value. Also how these values and beliefs can have both a positive and negative affect at work. I found this made me think about my own values and beliefs.

  3. well this lesson i did learn some new stuff om the self reflection , weakness and strenghts eg:dont necesseraly take a criticsm as an insult(i think i would of maybe took a criticsm as an insult befor today , we sometimes need critiscm to better our work ability).i also found the critiscm sandwhich quite helpfull to.i did get abit confused and worryed i did the little task we did in our pairs , dev the receptonist but in the end it was right . all in all a good lesson. see yous next week .

  4. Hi,this lesson was very interesting and i had learn new stuff.We spoke about reflection and strenghts and weaknesses,also criticism,which can be positive and negative.In the class we discussed about value,belief and experience.In pair we did some role play scenario,we needed o give 2methods of positive and negative criticism.I enjoyed this session.See you everyone next week.

  5. late i know.... good lesson again this week - learnt some interesting things on criticism (positive/negative), how people react to criticism etc...what influences our beliefs i.e. life experiences, family background, also learnt about the criticism sandwich :-)