Monday 14 January 2013

Monday 14th January 2013

Hi Girls

Don't forget next Monday- wear your bright clothes and hand in your health and safety booklets and any outstanding work please.

See you then



  1. This weeks session was about Code of Conduct, agreed ways of working and a working partnership. I found working partnerships really intresting.
    If we dont have a good working patrnership nothing will get done and everything would fall apart, everybody at work have a part to play for for it to work effectively and efficiently.
    see you all on monday with our bright clothes on.

  2. Monday 14th jan: It was great to be back with the group after the Christmas break. This session we looked at the differences between working relationships and personal relationships, how they may potentially cross in certain ways. We looked at what may be found in a code of conduct for a social care worker, such as working hours, dress code, do not discriminate against. As a group we read through a partnership working case study, this showed us how many different teams in the health sector worked together to try and prevent falls happening in York hospital. It made us understand how without everybody's input as a whole the conclusion would have been very different. I found it interesting to see just how many different departments where needed to have a positive outcome.
    Would just like to conclude that i'm so happy that i've finished my Health and Safety booklet, cant wait to see the back of that one! :)

  3. This week we worked in the groups and we discussed about working relationship,code of conduct,agree ways of working also 2 diffrent sets in working relationships in the social care and partnership working. We also did case study about preventing falls in York.This lesson was really interesting and i know how important is good partnership and relationship in the social care setting. See u on monday.