Monday 28 January 2013

Monday 28th January 2013

Hi All

First off...  A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Stephanie on the birth of her beautiful baby girl.
 We all wish mum & baby well and look forward to meeting her.

Thanks to those who attended the session today, I could see some good partnership working in the classroom and I can only apologise for the disruption with room venues. We should be back to normal next week.

We will finish off complaints next week and move onto Safeguarding the week after.

See you then!



  1. Today sesson was lovely we are just starting complaint procedures for social care also we had a chat with lovely Tracy about our work.I had a good time, i have knowledge about complaint procedures how report and hold in.See u all next week.

  2. In this session we looked at complaints procedures, and how they should be set out, what they should include and how complaints should be handled. We started researching this on the computers to enable us to look at different ways in which these are looked at. As a person who does not find it easy to complain about anything, i think this is a good subject to look at and read up on. We also had our individual reviews with Tracy, I find this very helpful and always feel positive about what is said. Definitely gives me a boost in the right direction. :)