Monday 5 November 2012


Today's assignments broken down:

Pick two laws (legislation) and briefly describe what they are about.
Then say how they link into equality,diversity,inclusion and discrimination.

Eg; The Disibility Discrimination Act states that all businesses where possible must ensure that disabled people can have access to their premises. This means that they have access doors and ramps.

At Surestart Byker they follow the disability discrimination act by having a ramp up the building for access, and self opening doors so that wheelchairs,prams and people that need extra width can get through the door.This means that the majority of people can equally access the centre and inclusion can be equal for all.

The consequences of not complying with the law- look at internet- type in nhs dumps  information-see what happened to them..were they fined? Jailed?

Last piece on how you feel about things can influence your working practices: Being non-judgemental, keeping your opinions to yourself, embracing other cultures and beliefs into your everyday work.


  1. Today we were given an assignment, where we have to research two key legislation's and how they relate to equality,diversity, inclusion and discrimination. I think researching these legislation's and codes of practice will be quite interesting as there are many to choose from. Also looking at the consequences of not complying with the legislation's and practices will prove an interesting read too.
    In today's session we also got time one on one with Tracy to look at our files and discuss our work and the course so far. I liked this as it give us the opportunity to get feed back from Tracy and i came away from this feeling very proud and confident in my abilities to complete this course and to progress even further. :)

  2. on mondays session we got an assingment to reserch legislatons and codes of practice relating to equality, diversity, incluson and discrimination and the consequences of not complying with legislation and how my own beliefs, cultures and values may affect working practices. We also had some one and one time with tracy to see how we are finding the course and what units are to come.

  3. this weeks assignment was given to research legislations, consequences of not complying with them etc... we talked about equality, diversity, inclusion, discrimination. Liked having the one to one with tracy.. ****GET WELL SOON!!!**** :-) X

  4. this weeks assignement i am glad it has been broke down and i understand it a bit more. Also having the one to one with tracy.
    also get well soon tracy x

  5. On Monday we are starting an assignment to research two legislations codes of practice relating to equality,diversity,inclusion and discrimination.Also looking for the consequences of breaking legislation and practices,and how own beliefs,values and cultures affect working practices. This research is very interesting and quite difficult because legislation have a lots of information and this is my first research.During a session we had a time one on one with Tracy about us work and look at our files.Good lesson.See you all on Monday.