Monday 19 November 2012

Monday 19th November 2012


Well done to all for your  impressive presentations and for fully participating in the peer observations.

We will continue with Duty of Care next week.



  1. I really enjoyed this weeks session, We got to do our presentations. i was very nervous and could have talked alot slower but i enjoyed it. we did observations on the other presentations we saw, i didnt really like this as i didnt know what to write. we also discussed care of duty and have homework on this, i need to pick a jobrole and what duty of care is needed in this role. see you all monday

  2. enjoyed this weks session, was nervous about the presentations but wasnt that bad, our lesson was based on duty of care, and what is needed in different roles in healthcare, see yous on monday

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  4. I enjoyed this week lesson, we did the presentation, which went very well.Also we did observation another groups presentation and we gave a feedback each group.We just starting Duty of care and role of job. This course is really interesting,see you tommorrow:)

  5. Monday 19th November, this session we did our group presentations on confidentiality and communication barriers. The presentation went well. I think we worked well as a group and found that we all had equal input in this task. We were given the opportunity to do peer observations. To do this we watched the other groups do their presentations and took observation notes, we looked for things such as did they manage to cover all the objectives given for the presentation, the groups delivery style, did they seem to work well in the groups they were in, did it seem the tasks were divided equally among the group. After all the presentations were complete we got back together with our own specific group and shared our notes, then filled out an observation feedback sheet. I enjoyed having this opportunity as it helped to practice our own personal observations of things going on, and found it helpful in being able to put a little report as such together.
    We also Started to look at duty of care within a health and social care setting. We discussed what kind of things we thought would be included in duty of care for a social care worker.

  6. got to finally do our preasentations , i really enjoyed it , what alot of fun . we had to observe our other groups on their presentations , every1 was so nervous but every1 was great . observeing and writeing little reports on the other girls was fun as we got to get a little taster of what writeing a real report was like . really enjoyed today .